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 Naughty Bitches That Spread Their Pussy
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The Art of the Hand Job.

Posted By: Ass Fucker

Posted: 7/10/2013 3:10:57 PM

     People say that a sandwich made by someone else always taste better than one you make yourself. I don't know why, but I tend to agree with that. There are a few things though, that it's better to do it yourself, because someone else can never do it quite right for you. Like brushing your teeth. Unless it's a dentist or some shit, you're going to be hard pressed to find someone that can brush your teeth for you, without poking the shit out of your cheek or something else that can be slightly off or just not doing it right. For me, a hand job is the same as brushing your teeth. You've got this system down and it's the way you like it, and you've been doing it that way your whole life. And if there's another person that going to try to do it for you, they're going to need to do it right. Tug Jobs is a collection of girls that can do it right. They happen to be pros at it, but that doesn't lessen the fact that they are the best of the best.

Rachel Starr
Alyssa Branch
Lara Brookes
Emily Austin
Britney Young
Kiera Winters
Natalia Starr

Check out Tug Jobs for yourself!

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