Naughty Bitches That Spread Their Pussy
 Naughty Bitches That Spread Their Pussy
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Trade Links with BreakRoom X

  • First off, I set the sites in the data base for fair trades. If You have a static link on my page chances are it will get hit here and there. If You Have My static link on Your site and send in a hundred hits a day, Our system will do it's best to give them back.
  • I Like To Trade with high quality, High Traffic sites, but some small personal sites are cool if the traffic is productive and not someone forced out of will. That is why I use Mystery and Random Links. People like them and They Work! We force very little traffic that don't Know what the fuck they are looking for.
  • There is No Minimum trade, Although Like I said You Get Back What You Give
  • Your Site Should have an adult theme, Be it funny, Rude or pure XXX. I don't Really Like Sick Shit, ie..Animals, Scat,..ETC.. My Site is about Babes and Pussy!
  • I absolutely Will not deal with child Porn Or shit of that nature!
  • I don't like Free Hosted Sites. Very few will get a link back...Better be good! You will Not show up on my Ref List with a Free Host..Get a Domain.
  • I do my best to build up FAIR trades. I am looking for long-time and stable trades.
  • You should Link To Us With The URL: Before You E-mail Me to check out Your Site. I will probably see your site before you email me If You have Linked us.
  • If You hide My link somewhere in all the shit on your page. I will do the same with Yours On That crouded ass BRX. Likewise, If I am Seen, You Will be seen. If You remove BRX from Your Links or ref List During Our trade without warning. Yours will be removed for good From Here. I don't have room on the Home page to fuck around with someone who don't link Us
  • If You Would Like To Trade Traffic with a static link E-Mail Me. With (Link Swap) as The title, Your Name, Your Site Name and your URL. If You just want to be listed on the Ref List, Just start sending some serious fucking traffic.

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